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Artist Alley @ AX Chibi AAI-9 (Nov 12-13 | Ontario, CA, USA)

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I have monthly sticker clubs and pin clubs on Ko-fi! I also have digital tiers that include wallpapers, behind the scenes, small business resources, and more.

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Currently, there are two places you can shop for my merch! You can find stickers, charms, plushies and more on my main shop. You can find apparel on Amp'd's site.


If you want to learn about working as a self-employed illustrator, check out my Class101 course, Ko-fi page, & studio vlogs. Plus, I have an Amazon page* where you can check out the items I use in my studio setups. :)

*This storefront contains affiliate links where I may earn a commission.

Rose frog and friends kickstarter has successfully ended!
Current progress: almost everything has been sent! if you have an international shipping invoice, PLEASE pay ASAP so I can ship the rewards to you!!

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