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Rose frog and friends kickstarter has successfully ended!
Currently preparing the surveys to be sent early May.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a good one :) -Nicole


nicole • she/her • cute round pals & small business life

rose frog & friends FAQ

Q: What is the link to the kickstarter?
A: The pre-launch page can be found here. You can sign up to be notified when it launches to get the early bird discounts. The kickstarter will launch on Friday, March 18th :D

Q: What's the story behind these friends?
A: This project is a cumulation of everything that has inspired me throughout my life. Frogs are one of my favorite animals because of growing up in a place where I would fall asleep to their sounds (I also had some as pets!). Spice, my frog character, was inspired by my love of magical worlds and even my first DND character. I also have collected merch from the Bulbasaur line for almost 20 years, so I have no doubt that my love for the little friend has influenced this design. I chose Rose as the first goal because I personally love to be surrounded by pink round things! Finally, I have a Master of Science in Art Therapy so all of these themes come together to share my passion for finding things that make us happy and feel more calm (especially as someone who has experienced anxiety since childhood).

Q: Can I see some more pics of Rose Frog?
A: Sure, here she is :D

Q: What is kickstarter/when can I buy Rose Frog?
A: It's the crowdfunding site that I will be using to fund the project. The project will last for 30 days once launched on March 18th, and that will be the time to make pledges stating you'd like to buy the products. You will not be charged until the end of the campaign and only if the campaign is funded. You can learn more here.

Q: How much will Rose Frog cost?
A: For early bird, she will be the lowest price at $20USD. After the early bird time period ends, she will be $22. If the project is successful and the frogs come to my shop, they will be $24 so the best time to pledge for Rose Frog will be within the first day of project launch.

Q: Do prices include shipping/import taxes?
A: They do not. The tier prices include only the merchandise price. For USA customers, the shipping will be charged by Kickstarter with the pledge charge and for non-USA backers, they will be charged via Backerkit survey after the kickstarter has ended. Here is an estimate for the starting prices (prices will likely be higher if purchasing bundles/more items). They also do not include any taxes/duties that customers must pay when the items receive their goods (such as for all EU members).

Q: What is the timeline for the project?
A: This is the current projection based on current knowledge. It may change depending on unexpected delays in shipping or production. I'm expecting items to arrive to you on average between late September 2022 and November 2022.

Q: Will you ship to all countries?
A: I will be shipping from California, USA to the 50+ countries that my carrier can ship to with full tracking information. Unfortunately, I cannot ship to the UK for this campaign due to tax laws and requirements. However, depending on interest/if the campaign is successful, I may open preorders or list extras for countries that could not pledge to kickstarter.

Q: How will I be contacted so you know which designs I want/how do we stay in touch after the campaign ends?
A: I will be sending surveys and shipping charges through Pledgebox.

Q: Will there be products other than plush?
A: Yes! There will be add-ons in the form of enamel pins, a Washi Tape, a sticker sheet, and vinyl stickers. There will also be bundles to add the items together :)

Q: Will anything be added to the plush?
A: Yes, a few things! There will be a silver ball chain keychain with a rose scented pompom, a hang tag featuring the frog's bio, and a silver bell. The back of that tag will be an activity that was inspired by one I learned when working in schools to help students calm their heart rate. I did not create this activity but I modified it a bit so it was possible to do with the Frogs as an aid. :)

Q: Are there stretch goals?
A: If the project is funded, that will unlock the Rose frog plush, pin & stickers. It will also unlock the Washi Tape and sticker sheet. After that, additional frog plushies could be unlocked if we meet further goals! With lavender frog, all enamel pin designs and sticker designs will be unlocked. Let's meet the frogs now! :D

Q: What do I do if I have a question?
A: Questions can be asked through the kickstarter page when launched. You can also email me through the address shown on this page with the envelope symbol. I don't always see DMs, comments, or mentions so please ask questions through one of these two ways so I get back to you in the most timely manner :D

Thanks so much for meeting the frogs! Have a good one :) -Nicole


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